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Bajaj Water Geyser Review | Features, Pros & Cons



Bajaj Water Geyser Review

Water heaters are one of the most important household appliances. We all feel refreshing when we step into the hot water shower and it does rejuvenate our body. However, when it comes to buying a new Geyser for your home, you need to buy it carefully. Water heaters consume a substantial amount of electricity as well. Therefore, You have to pick the right one. Efficient water geysers like Bajaj serves the purpose to give a relaxing shower experience. If you are planning to buy a Geyser, then here is a complete review of Bajaj Water Geyser and why you should prefer this brand.

Why should you choose Bajaj Water Geyser?

It not only provides enough hot water but also will save energy efficiently. From the glass-lined technology to the enamel-coated heating element, the Bajaj water geyser offers to provide an extended product life. It does saves your money as well as gives an aesthetic appeal to your home. Bajaj provides different types of heaters like Storage, Instant, Gas water heaters as well as Immersion rods in all ranges for every type of family and budget.

Best Bajaj Water Geyser Review

Here is the list of products that are trending and also fast-moving with wonderful features.

1. Bajaj Flora Instant Water geyser-1 ltr – 3KW

Bajaj Flora Instant water heater - Bajaj Water Geyser Review
Bajaj Water Geyser Review

This is one of the amazing products from Bajaj which is highly recommended. You know what, the heating process is unimaginably fast that you can get hot water just in the blink of an eye. Doesn’t that sound great? Also, the thermoplastic outer body of this geyser prevents rusting and corrosion. You heard it right! It is rusting free. This is most suitable for high rise buildings with pressure withstanding capacity of 8 bars. You need not worry about safety now because this amazing product has a fire retardant cable which provides additional safety. The neon indicator on the heater gives the status of the water heating and readiness.

Other Variants in Instant Water Heater:

3 Litres, 3KWCheck Price
3 Litres, 4.5 KWCheck Price

2. Bajaj Calenta Storage Water geyser

Bajaj Calenta - Bajaj Water Geyser Review
Bajaj Water Geyser Review

Are you the one who has an apartment in a high rise tower like me? And also a part of a big family like mine? If you looking for a water heater which is high on features, then you must definitely go with this extraordinary product. This is designed exclusively for big families. You need not have to wait too long for your turn in your shower. Your entire family will get their share of hot water. Hope you already start loving the product. It is 5 stars rated which saves electric costs and conserves energy. It has PUF Insulation that traps the heat inside the tank to keep water hot for a long period of time. This also comes under 2 years warranty as well.

Other Variants in Instant Water Geyser:

6 LitresCheck Price
10 LitresCheck Price
15 LitresCheck Price
25 LitresCheck Price

3. Bajaj 1500W Immersion Rod Water Heater

Immersion rod Water heater - Bajaj Water Geyser Review
Bajaj Water Geyser Review

If you are looking for a lost-cost opinion then you can go with this product. Hope you know that Immersion water heaters are the most popular and convenient heating applications. This product from Bajaj supplies instant hot waters in the most energy-efficient as well as safest ways. If you are a person who lives in hostels, these are the safest bet which you accommodate in any storing place. Thanks to its portability and compact size! This product also comes with a 1-year warranty which is an added advantage now.

Other Variant:

1 KWCheck price

Things to consider while purchasing Bajaj Water Geyser

Here are the things to consider while buying a Bajaj Water Geyser:

  1. Energy Efficiency
  2. Auto On-Off Function
  3. Capacity and Space
  4. Appearance

1. Water heaters should be energy efficient

Heating water is not an easy task especially when the water heater installed in your home receives ice cold from the pipes that are exposed to cold weather outside. This is the reason why they consume more energy. It also contributes to most of your electricity bills. So consider this while purchasing a Water geyser.

2. Auto ON OFF function

Buy a heater that has an auto-off function. This will help to save and as well as keep you safe by avoiding a preventive blowout. As long as there is a power supply, the on-off cycles continue to maintain a constant water temperature.

3. Capacity and Space

The size of the water heater should be based on your needs. If you take a long hot shower in a cold season, the capacity of the water heater is a must. So do consider these two factors before buying the heater.

4. Appearance

The beauty of your bathroom contributes to the sense of satisfaction you derive from the interiors of the home. You can choose the water heater that matches the color of your bathroom.

Take a look at other Best Geyser in India as well.

Hope you would have got the right fix to your water heater dilemma! Now, choose the best product from Bajaj that serves your purposes and plan your home with peace of mind. If you are a Bajaj Water Geyser user, then leave your review in the comment section below.

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