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Butterfly Mixer Grinder Review | Good for a Lifetime



Butterfly Mixer Grinder Review

Mixer Grinder is an essential appliance in every home. Whether it is your grandmother’s special chutney or a delicious banana smoothie, the mixer grinder helps you prepare delicious dishes. Among various products available in the market, Butterfly is one of the best products. Butterfly Mixer Grinders are designed for contemporary kitchens, which help to whip up delicious recipes with ease. Read this article to know the Butterfly Mixer Grinder review and the best products to use.

Butterfly Mixer Grinder review

Why should you buy Butterfly?

The Butterfly Mixer Grinder is the perfect appliance for your kitchen needs. This machine is easy to clean, and it is shockproof as well. The jars are also designed with easy-grip handles, which ensures easy handling. In the fifty-plus years of history, Butterfly has come a long way in providing homemakers with the amazing Mixer Grinders. And they also make home a better place to live in. It enhances your cooking experience and helps you to make exotic dishes. Additionally, it will allow you to prepare lip-smacking delicacies with ease.

Butterfly Mixer Grinder Review

Below are three different product from Butterfly Mixer Grinder:

Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder Review

Butterfly Smart Mixer Grinder review

This product from Butterfly comes with a stainless steel jar and sleek finish, which ticks both the boxes of durability and design. It is also one of the most energy-efficient devices. The razor-sharp blades have an RPM of 17000- 20000, which precisely cuts, chops, and mixes the ingredients. It is a beautifully designed and value-for-money product that serves your purpose of reducing preparation time. The speed regulating knob is a smart feature that serves the purpose of adjusting varying speed limits. You can take control over the kitchen by grinding or mixing food items with a speed regulating option. The whip feature allows running the appliance at its highest speed. It also allows grinding the chilies coarsely. This also features a transparent lid that ensures to see ingredients and monitor the grinding process.

Butterfly Hero Mixer Grinder Review

Butterfly Hero Mixer Grinder Review

This product from Butterfly has a 500W motor which is powerful enough to carry out several tasks. Its motor gives you the perfect grinding experience for preparing tasty chutneys. This has a strong and sturdy handle that provides a firm grip. It also ensures zero chances of slippage. The stainless steel body is rust-resistant and made of food-grade material. These stainless steel jars store food safely. The stainless steel material resists corrosion and makes the jars stain proof. It also adds a touch of stylish and elegant look to your kitchen.

Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder Review

Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder review

This product from Butterfly is the best solution for blending requirements as it is designed to provide hassle-free and smooth operation. It is also dexterously designed, which is easy to accommodate in your kitchen. This mixer grinder has a 750W heavy-duty motor that enables to grind even the toughest ingredients in a hassle-free manner. The three-speed knob makes it convenient to switch between different speed models while preparing delicious dishes. It features a fashionable handle that adds a touch of style for easy handling. The anti-slip pads are equipped in the base that does not move while grinding. It is also equipped with a solid handle to provide the proper grip to hold the jar properly. This blender also blends the fiber with the juice to retain the maximum amount of nutrition.

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Things to consider while buying a Mixer Grinder

Following are the things to consider while buying a Mixer Grinder.

Right Wattage and Speed

This is one of the important factors to consider while buying a Mixer Grinder. RPM or the power of the motor tells about the longevity of the grinder. The Mixer should have a wattage of 550W to 750W to grind the ingredients thoroughly in a lesser time.

Food Safety

There are possibilities that some vitamins and minerals will be lost while grinding. So the mixer mustn’t get overheated while it is used. It depends on the wattage and the overload protection.

Number of Jars

Make sure to check the number of jars available with the mixer. Some mixers will come with three for four jars. You can actually use these jars for different purposes.


Another important factor to consider while buying a Mixer grinder is the Warranty. If the company offers a good warranty then definitely the product will be the good one. A warranty for two to four years is anyone will look for before buying a Mixer grinder.

The above are the Butterfly Mixer Grinder review and the best products to buy. As mixer grinder is an essential product, it is important to buy one the best one. Butterfly is one of the best brands available in India and you ahead purchasing its products. If you are already a Butterfly Mixer Grinder user, then post your review in the section below.

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