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Rico Juicer Review – Blend the Perfect Juice



Rico Juicer Review

A glass of fruit juice gives us a handful of health benefits. Fruits juices are easy to digest and also get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. As a result, these juices taste more delicious and also drinking different juice every day fulfill the demand for vitamins and minerals. In addition, juicers help to extract the juices completely from the fruit, giving us more benefits. Among various brands available in the market, Rico is one of the best Juicers. Read on this article to know the Rico Juicer review and the best products to buy.

Rico Juicer review

Why should you buy Rico?

You can put away or throw all those bottles of aerated drinks. And you can have healthier, more refreshing drinks with the amazing Rico Juicers. These juicers help you to make different juices which you will love. So you can invest in this juicer and embrace a healthier lifestyle with Rico. It helps to extract juice from almost all fruits and vegetables. This juicer is efficient in juicing and is very easy to clean as well. These juicers have an elegant and compact design and are made of high-quality material. Overall this is a wonderful product.

Rico Juicer Review

Below are three different Rico Juicer that has excellent customer review. Take a look at these and choose the one that suits you.

Rico 350 Watt Electric Juicer Review

Rico Juicer review

This product from Rico has a quick juice extraction that directly serves the juice to your glass. It is very smooth as well as easy to clean the body. Additionally, the drip stops the sprout after juicing. All the pulp is collected in one place for disposal. We can also see through the pulp container. It has a compact design and durable body, which is made of strong plastic. The anti-slip vacuum feet offer steady placement of the application on the floor. Rico electric juicer is a high-class premium quality juicer that is best for extracting juices from favorite fruits and vegetables. It features a 100% pure copper motor and a lifetime rust-free guarantee.

Rico 400 Watt Food Processor with Citrus Juicer Review

Rico Food processor juicer

This product from Rico has a 400 W copper motor which is long-lasting. This provides power and control to prepare all your favorite recipes. Rico food factory performs multiple functions such as slice, chop, and shreds all vegetables with ease. You can also whip creams for cakes and pastries and prepare delicious batters and pure. It also features a vacuum foot for ease of operation and prevents sliding. These anti-skid feet keep the device in place for effective working. They also don’t allow the appliance to move around while using it. This as well creates a touch vacuum with the platform to ensure a quick and easy motion. The sharp and strong stainless steel chopping blade chops vegetables such as onion in no time.

Rico Electric 350 watt Juicer Review

Rico Electric Juicer review

This product from Rico has high-quality components which ensure longevity along with strong and durable working conditions. It also has a powerful motor that has double ball bearings for the continuous extraction of juice. The drip storage feature stops the dripping of residual juice from the spout after a juicing session. The juicer also comes with a durable body that is very easy to open and clean. You know what, the material is also resistant to breakage in case of accidental drops. It also features a two-speed motor which is very easy to clean.

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Things to consider while buying a Juicer

Below are some of the important points to consider while buying a Juicer for your home.

Feeder tube size

This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a Juicer. Make sure to choose a juicer with a wide feeding tube that accommodates whole fruits and vegetables. The small tube will take a lot of time to dice.

Multiple speeds

Make sure to choose a model that comes with multiple speed settings. The juicing of soft fruits needs only slow speeds. You need a higher speed for hard food produce like carrots, beetroot, and coconut. It is also another important factor to consider while buying a Juicer.

Pulp Ejection

While juicing the fruits and vegetables definitely, there will be some leftover pulp and skin. There are few juicers while collecting pulp externally in a collector. And some collect in the internal basket. So make sure to look for the pulp ejection before purchasing one for your home.


Blender juicers and centrifugal juicers make much noise. So make sure to choose the one which is not noisy. It is always better to avoid the models that make a loud noise.

The above is the Rico Juicer Review and the best products to buy. If you are looking for the best juicer for home use, then Rico comes as the first choice. It has plenty of features as a juicer. If you are already a Rico Juicer user, then post your review in the below comment section.

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